Teaching With Passion

Our promise to each and every student…

Individual Attention….Whether a studio member is attending a private, or group class, we focus on the individual person at all times.

Making every student feel valued.

Value… Malone Dance Academy matches each student’s ambition, and ability, taking you to the level you desire, paced only by the limitations you set for yourself.

Insight…. Dance has the potential to develop a student’s physical, intellectual, creative and emotional well-being exponentially. Our dance teachers pour our skills and passion for actualization into each of our students, of all ages.

Our lovely adult ballet ladies finding a new passion in their lives

Focus …. Malone Dance Academy rests on access for all. We operate an inclusive policy offering several examination routes that cater for the individual needs and abilities of all our students. Your focus, is the route we follow with your dance development.

Solid Foundation… With only extensively trained individuals in our team, your training remains of the highest standard, developing a strong classical ballet technique whilst enhancing co-ordination and musicality.

Teaching in motion

Wherever you are… Our school caters for every level from toddlers right up to professional training, with the same quality of teaching for each level of learning.

Our preschool Acrobatic classes at the studio