Eight years has passed since our daughter started taking ballet lessons with the Malone Dance Academy in a small community centre. Now she attends ballet lesson in dedicated studio’s with 1st class facilities. I can honestly say that of all the activities she does, there is no doubt this is the one she loves and gets the most personal sense of achievement from. She would be happy to come to the studio 7 days a week if she could. When she was younger she was encouraged and inspired by those with more experience around her and now she is the proud and confident child who loves helping out with the younger students just starting out. Grace is a motivated, determined and focused ballet dancer, all of which are fostered by the classes at the Malone Dance Academy. It should be acknowledged that Cheryl takes great interest in her students and is so proud to see them progress. She is always keen to share their progress with parents after each class and it is clearly evident how passionate and dedicated she is of each and every student in the academy.

Breda Donohoe,