Acrobatics / Gymnastics

Do you know we have an AcroDance PreSchool curriculum? This curriculum focuses on physical literacy. This is not a program designed to teach students back handsprings and walkovers. You can expect to find skills like: Pike Position, Skipping, Marching, Pre Cartwheel, Plié, Tendu, etc. The focus of this program includes learning the acro positions, locomotive skills (jumping, hoping, etc), balance skills, classroom behaviour skills, movement concepts, cooperation and social skills. The magic is in the repetition, the report cards, coloring pages, imaginary play, fun and games.

Our Elite Acrobatic gymnastics classes are an expressive, dynamic and spectacular sport for all children, especially for those who love to perform. Of course, you can take part just for fun and fitness if you prefer.

Acrobatic gymnastics offers a challenging arena for all students to gain friends, master skills and most importantly have a lot of fun.

Some of the benefits of acrobatic gymnastics are as follows:

Enhances balance, co-ordination and agility
Develops posture and confident body movement, including the ability to land safely
Challenges the mind and body to courageously reach new goals
Builds strength, flexibility and power
Is the perfect team-based sport for people of all ages and abilities.

At Malone Dance Academy, our Acro Gymnastic Program combines power and poise, with grace and beauty. This dynamic sport builds confidence and camaraderie amongst all participants.

Once our students have learnt the basics, we encourage them to keep developing their skills for fun and fitness or to challenge themselves through, competitions from local to national, all the way to international level.


Acrobatic Dance is a stylish and exciting fusion of gymnastics, dance and acrobatics. We focus on the five key areas of strength, flexibility, balance, limbering and tumbling. Our students LOVE it!

Acro teaches many of the same techniques and progressions that students would learn in gymnastics classes. However, Acrobatic Dance trains our students to have the strength and flexibility to complete and perform their skills on a hard stage floor, without the need for a gymnastic sprung floor.

The focus of Acrobatic Dance is to train both sides of the body evenly and to master the higher level skills through safe progressions, which aids injury prevention. We build strong, safe and fearless acrobats.

Acrobatic Arts originated in Canada and spread rapidly throughout North and South America and is very popular in Europe and UK. Our syllabus was developed with input from professionals in contortion, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, sport acrobatics, yoga, acro yoga, Pilates, physiotherapy, hand balancing and more. You will not find a more comprehensive program …… even Cirque Du Soleil has given this program the stamp of approval!

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Cheryl Malone was the first person in Ireland to be certified to teach both Module 1 and Module 2 of the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus. Cheryl is Ireland’s only European Course Conductor for Acrobatic Arts (teacher trainer). Cheryl is also one of only six Acrobatic Arts European Examiners, currently the only one in Ireland. Parents can be confident that Cheryl & her qualified team are providing the highest standard of training.

Our Gymnastics, Acrobatics and AcroDance classes are held both mid week and Saturdays. Please see our timetable on our app for further information.